Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Margaret thought she was a mermaid,
A Siren of the Ocean.
Her womanly curves and flashing smile,
Many a heart had broken.

A mermaids charm lies in her laugh,
A flirting girlish Giggle.
In Margaret's  case this was replaced 
By a deep and salty chuckle.

Margaret Thought she was a Mermaid,
As she strolled along the beach.
The sultry sounds of a mermaids song,
Did not compare to her piercing screech.

Her piercing voice so highly tuned,            
That only dogs could hear it.
Rang long and strong in a tuneless song,
As along the sand she tripped.

Margaret thought she was a mermaid,
A woman of the sea.
Her eyes where bright, her hair was long,
but alas had feet where her tail should be.

She wanted pearly glittering scales,
And a bra made of crustaceans.
And Glistening, sparkly, shiny gems,
That had been polished by the jetsam.

Margaret had no tail to flap about,
It really was a sin.
But what a waste one would have been,
she'd never learnt to swim.

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