Monday, 12 September 2011

I have a new Guitar and I will play it if it kills me.

Well I finally have a guitar, it has been on my Christmas list for about three years and clearly nobody was going to buy it for me so I bought it for myself.
Now those of you that don't know me may be thinking go for it Answer-seeker, but this purchase was met by my friends and family with much eye rolling. Even my eldest son who is normally very  encouraging expressed doubts about my staying power.                                                            
Now I admit I do have a bit of a reputation for starting new projects and once I have set my mind on having a go at something I can't rest untill my curiosity is satisfied.I have grown veggies, spent hours watercolour painting, knitted , sewed clothes toys and soft furnishings, sketched, embroidered, and kept Chickens, Baked Pizza  but stopped short of building a pizza oven in the back garden. I have tried my hand at writing, poetry, photography, icing craft, yoga and aerobics, I also joined the gym briefly. I have tried catching crayfish, I actually temporarily gave up on that one, too much red tape! I have combed the beach for Razor clams, scoured the woods for Fungi and have filled the house with home-made chutney and am currently planning cheese making with my brother.  I was explaining my new hobby to a friend the other day, she said she was the same but wasnt very successful at many of them assuming that I was the same, she seemed quite taken aback when I said that I hadn't yet found anything I couldn't do as in my mind I haven't yet given up on the crayfish and the elusive Razor clams.I did go to the Gym several times a week busting a lung on the cross trainer and Rowed from Egypt to Saudi Arabia on the rowing Machine as well as many other very successful projects. My problem is that once I have succeeded in my challenge, it is no longer as attractive. There is always some new experience on the horizon. I keep searching for that one thing that is so fulfilling that I don't want to stop, something I can excel at. I don't want to leave it too late, to suddenly look back and wish that I had tried new things, I don't want to waste a single opportunity to find the one thing that makes me feel complete.
But I am determined to prove them all wrong, so have enlisted the help of a very nice young man at . I have had my Guitar a week now, having "won" it on , in itself a very exciting experience. Driving toFolkestone in a terrible storm and fighting  my way through Operation Stack to collect it, I did begin to wonder if even the gods and police where trying to prevent me learning Guitar. Well I finally got my prize home and waited for a solitary moment to have my first try. Having already hunted him out I loaded Justin on my PC and found that I could actually tune my new best friend (sorry Monty, second best friend).

After one week I can almost play D, A and E chords by feel, although not completely tuneful and today I have managed a chord change! I have fingers so sore that they are almost numb,I have kept my back straight and my shoulder relaxed, I have taken the ridicule in good spirit and have practiced daily following Justin's instructions. But you know what? I think I might be able to do this. Watch this space doubters!


  1. You can do the background music for my CDs !!!

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  3. I think my current standard of playing would be good if you needed representation of Tortured souls.