Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Good dog Bad dog?

I Love My Dog Monty! I only need look at him and he makes me smile, which I know probably makes me a bit of a saddo or one of those crazy dog loving old ladies in the making but hey what does a crazy menopausal old woman care.
 Monty, a Staffordshire bull terrier of dubious pedigree, was born on 14th February 2009, a valentine puppy and I am certain he was born to be loved. He has such a joy for life it is contagious and I can’t help but feel happy around him. Monty has been my salvation through some of the difficult times I have already written about. I took every chance I got to pound the streets training him when I needed to escape "normal life" and it always gave me the strength I needed to face things again. You hear of people self harming, starving themselves and turning to drink trying to gain some control over their runaway lives, well I turned to dog walking.
Staffs get allot of bad press these days and I expect you get bad tempered dogs just as you get bad tempered people, but I have never met one, yet! Some very lively staffs and some very naughty ones but never a bad one. I have however met some very bad owners and read about some even worse. Why would anyone encourage a dog to do wrong, using such a warm hearted creature like a loaded weapon?
One particular Man that springs to mind was convinced his dog was half lion, yes we all know that is insane, and boasted of his control over his dogs. Well yes he did have control over his dogs; they were very well trained, by beating seven barrels out of them he boasted. I was never witness to this cruelty and I can assure you it would not have gone unchecked if I had but such is the heart of these Staffies they still seemed to adore him?
Well back to Monty. He is very naughty, pinches the socks and won’t give them back until you chase him. I have caught him down the garden with a mouth full of feathers when he thinks I can’t see him "playing" with the chickens. He howls like a Banshee when I leave him outside the shop and now whinges almost as much when I take him in with me. He snores like a train and there is no way he will let me cut his nails. But this weekend he has been a star. Monty has had company for the weekend Kelly and Karl, their 4 year old daughter Scarlett and Doggy "Boo" came to stay, usually there is just hubby and I. A full house. Now anyone who owns a Staff knows that there is nothing they like better than a game of Tug -of -war, to be honest we usually try to discourage it, but visitors like to play so when Karl took up the challenge we knew he couldn’t win but let the contest commence. Monty with his usual enthusiasm was determined not to be bested and held on with all his might, in a very good natured way of course. But then Scarlett wanted to play, ok says her dad but he will pull you over, Oh no! I thought he will pull you over, oh no! Thought hubby this will end in tears he will pull her over. The tugger was retrieved and Monty was instructed "gently" I held my breath convinced that Scarlett was about to be yanked off her feet.......and then Monty did the most amazing thing, having taken up his end of the tugger he lay down, rolled over onto his side and let Scarlett Drag him around the living room floor over and over again. I couldn’t believe my eyes, some how he just knew she was a baby and what he had to do to let her join in. Well done Monty you are a star! Now I know why they call them Nanny Dogs. We have kept Staffies for 25 years and I have never seen anything quite like that. So Staff haters take note and remember most dogs are born with a good heart but rely on the owners to teach them good manners, Punish Them not the dogs please.


  1. Some say dogs are angelic helpers sent down to those who need that little extra bit of support in their life. They are healers and loving companions, but they are also matchmakers, lifesavers, prisoner rehabilitation specialists, parent trainers, hospital welcoming committees, advice columnists, and afterlife ambassadors? I think mine got mixed up with a hell hound sometimes. But i would never be without him. I once read a book called Angel Dogs. It says that God created angel dogs to help us live better and happier lives. Reading your story, maybe the author was right. I know mine, crossed to the other side now, helped me though some very dark days.

  2. I think anyone who hurts an animal is one step from murdering a human.

  3. Yes Peggy and I just dont understand why anyone would want to!
    I am sure Odin was a war God wasnt he (norse that is ) so I am not surprised that your Odin feels he has alot to live up to Mags.
    Dog's seem to understand our every need in such an unselfish way I wonder how they do it. I did watch a programm a while ago on TV that showed that dogs have lived side by side with man for so long that they have evolved into more than pets. For instance did you know that dogs are the only animals that can follow direction just by watching where you look? You look at the ball and they look at the ball when you are really in tune with them I shall try to find a link.

  4. I don't understand what goes on in peoples mind when they batter an animal who is crying out with pain. What made them so inhuman and uncaring? What is so dead inside them that there is no compassion? I'd rather be around animals than humans any day.

  5. Some mass murderers were said to have a deep affection for their pets!! Work that out. Gives a whole new meaning to psycho!!

    PS Mags, love Abigail Cottage :-)