Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Katie Price

So Katie price is to Edit the today programme on Radio 4. Judging by the who-Ha around this decision I think it would be fair to say that popular opinion is that she is not up to the Job. My question today then is, Are the opinions and Views of the common man not Valid? Now I am not a big fan Of Jordan AKA Katie price and to be honest I don't think I have ever intentionally listened to the Today programme and my first thought was "God No!" But then I had a rethink.
I have a reputation among my family and friends, it would seem, of being a very scary Woman and on the other hand being a bit of a goody goody? I think what they are saying about me is that I am a woman with strong opinions who is not afraid to voice them, but maybe I am kidding myself? How would I describe my self? Fair I think and I try to consider why people behave the way they do and how I would behave in their situation, but with little patience for apathy. So back to Katie Price. My first instinct is why would anybody be interested in listening to anything she has to say, I don't think I have ever heard or read anything by her that wasn't Vapid and self serving, is there anybody currently in the public eye that is more me,me,me than her? Katy is undoubtedly clever she has built herself a business empire worth millions with no other talent barr having surgically enhanced ,Very large breasts and I would be surprised if there was anyone in the country that is unaware of her. So why would radio 4 choose such a talentless artificial woman as a guest editor? well maybe they have been cleverer than we think and my only hope is that Jordan is up to the challenge, for the sake of the hoards of teenage Young women that look at her and think that all they need to get on in the world is to be sexy I hope she is! Maybe behind all the self promotion there is a real woman with opinions of her own and if I understand this editing business correctly, by taking away her voice and Making her choose others to represent what she considers appointment we may get a peep at the real Katy Price. We are all so quick to judge and constantly dismiss others values that maybe we don't give enough of a voice to others, That strange woman on the bus who always wants to strike up a conversation, The bloke in the park that sits on the bench next to you, the teenager that seems all swear words and swagger..........I must try to listen they too may be living a very interesting life. Well I guess me and mine would say I had my goody head on today, maybe, they shouldn't be so quick to judge they don't know what I am really thinking.


  1. Well considering how Miss Price, writes, or doesn’t, as the case maybe, I would be very surprised if she can edit. She dictates how she wants her character to look/act and lets a ghost writer do the rest. I’ve been a writer for over 20 years and I still struggle with the editing process. But I am not quick to judge and I will be watching to see how she does.
    Am I opinionated? I wouldn’t say so. If people ask me something I will speak the truth. So if you think you look fat in an outfit, don’t ask me, in case I tell you the same thing!! I’m a great believer that you should let people live their lives. There would be less wars, I’m sure. Have you ever thought that person on the bus who chats to you might be lonely, or the person who smells, might not be able to afford the items to be clean. People who live on the street? Spare a thought for them. They are not there because they want to be.
    Great blog carole. Love the new look too.

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  3. I have to say I never thought about things like that Margaret. You’re mind works so differently from the norm lol As for Katie price...bah....she got that job because of her infamously, not talent. I know that makes me sound horrible, but we can’t all think the same way as we’d be boring. I like this blog.
    It’s not wishy washy. It should be called the ‘no nonsense’ blog ha ha Love the doggy too.

  4. Very interesting. It is a shame more people do not think this way.

  5. Good Morning, No Tony I dont think many of us do think like Mags automatically. But as I get older, I am trying to stop and wonder the reasoning behind things, I am finding that the assumptions I make about people are covers for much deeper issues and that looking for something possitive makes me feel,actually not sure what it makes me feel. But a little kindness is good for me. Ha! maybe I am developing Middle aged Wisdom.

  6. Hmm, to be honest I've never really liked her, she seems to be 'me me me, and blow you jack I'm ok' type of person' all the time. But there again who am I to cast aspersions when I don't know her nor ever met her. But reading what Margaret has said about her writing and using ghost writers I doubt very much she will be able to handle editing the Today programe without doing the same. Hey maybe I'm biased because I can't stand her, but we will just have to wait and see, But I still say 'Nah no-way Jose'