Thursday, 11 November 2010

Foreign Lorry drivers

Today i had a scary lorry experience at junction 10 off the M20 and my question today is, why do Foreign Lorry drivers seem to think it is OK to apply their continental driving rules to our roads? I hate junction 10 and avoid it like the plague if i possibly can but today at 5pm i had to make a decision, shall i face the dreaded 10 at the busiest time of day or go the long way round? Don't be a baby , I told myself it's only a big roundabout you've been round it loads of times, 100's of drivers do it every day! 3 lanes at this point and i choose the middle, got to go nearly all the way round today. I am taking the car to the garage for its MOT repair, it just needs a years ticket and I think I may have a buyer tomorrow fingers crossed. Right now, where was I? Oh yes Middle lane, lights on Red, changing to green and I'm off. Oh this is easy still in the middle, as i approach the next set of lights they go to red. Other cars pull up either side of me but actually its not as busy as i expected. Green light, off I go again, piece of cake. Cars in the left hand lane peel off heading for the M20 coast bound and then all of sudden they are replaced by a bloody great lorry the size of the isle of white! The lorry is getting closer and closer and i try to breath in and make myself as small as possible to accommodate him but he is actually trying to force himself into my lane!!!! Forced to break, I cant believe my eyes as I am side swiped by this behemoth of a truck which Knocks the wing mirror off of my poor little Punto that i was hoping to sell tomorrow. Another Red light and luckily the Lorry, Which is now directly in front of me, has had to stop. Hazard lights flashing I lept out of the car and ran up to the lorry cab and pounded on the door. Slowly the window wound down but no cheery Eddie Stobart driver looked out .Nope, I was on the wrong side it was a damn Foreign Lorry, Polish as it turns out. What now? Not quite knowing what to do next I ran to the front of the lorry and after much waving of arms and shouting "you've just knocked my bloody mirror off" a head appeared and informed me he was Polish and No English!! Why oh why could I not be Bashed by an English Driver? Needless to say when he presented his documents they too where all foreign and I couldn't work out what numbers etc i should be writing down. Thank God for Kent police and google translate, not that i know how to use it but the very nice policeman did.

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  1. OMg ban the buggers. they are the bane of my life. I drive a smary car. It may be small, but it's hardly invisible.Arghhhh