Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Today I took a walk where my Father walked,
Shared the moments as we talked and talked.
I Felt the Sun warm sweet memories
 as the smells and sounds of a long spent day roused inside my head.

Today My Father walked hand in hand with me
 as I spent the day down by the sea.
The sights that tear my aged eyes
 and flood my senses with salty smells that I remember with such clarity.

Today I shared the memory of a childhood spent
 by briny waves and gentle seaside sounds and yet,
These secret offerings of mellow ripened times
 are torn and shared like a freshly baked aromatic Bread.

Today he did not walk with me, I walked,
 but not alone, for by my side a friend walked in his sted.
 simple pleasures of being and breathing by the sea,
 easy company, as the gentle harbour tides sparkled, shadowing that knowing sea bed. 

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